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My name is Satwant, and I started The Payments Show podcast because in my long career in Enterprise Technology Sales, I found more than 50% of businesses have terrible sales conversion due to old and/or legacy payment systems and processes.

Companies would constantly try to chase the next big thing in IT, yet they often never once sat down and try to buy something from their own company. If they did this, they would understand in an instant what an inefficient or terrible experience they have set up for their customers.

I wanted to demonstrate to businesspeople that there are great payment technologies in the market which would help them to quickly increase their revenues and profits with minimal cost and effort. I wanted to interview the Founders and Executives from these payment companies so they could get across their message even more strongly than I could.

I have set up this Substack community so that everyone can learn about and discuss the latest payment technologies for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

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